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41st International Conference of the Stress and Anxiety Research Society postponed to 2021

In the light of the recent developments regarding the corona virus, it was decided to cancel and postpone the 2020 STAR Conference, which was scheduled to take place in Haifa, Israel, from July 13th to 16th. This means, the 41st STAR Conference will take place in Haifa during the summer of 2021. The conference website will be updated regularly and cover topics like the refund of the conference registration fees.

To enable scientific and interpersonal exchange, an online meeting will take place on 15th and 16th of July 2020 with the following schedule. 

Please note that we decided to merge the National Representatives meeting and the Business meeting for reasons of practicality. However, there will be a public part of the business meeting (all interested persons can participate, learn about the society and upcoming conferences) and a confidential part of the business meeting (only for STAR members and National Representatives). 

In case you want to participate in the confidential part and receive the link for the room, please check your current membership status and renew your membership, if necessary. You can renew your membership for 2020 on our homepage: https://star-society.org/become-a-member/  

If you have any questions with regard to your current status or to renew the membership to receive the link for the confidential part of the event, please write to our treasurer Christian (christian.heckel [at] hs-merseburg.de).

Note: just to have evidence/memories of the event, only the lecturers will be recorded.

Day 1: 15.07.2020 (2 pm to approx. 6 p.m. Central European Summer time, free for all members and friends of STAR).

Link for day 1: 
[please write to christian.heckel [at] hs-merseburg.de if you are interested to participate in the online meeting but received no newsletter yet]

  • Opening Ceremony 
  • Keynote: “Back to life, back to reality: Coping with stress and anxiety during the Coronavirus pandemic and facing the future” by Prof. Yuval Palgi (Haifa University, Israel)
  • Ceremonies: Student Award, Early Career Award, Lifetime Career Award.
  • Early Career Award address: “Mapping out the interplay: Towards a network approach to anxiety- and stress-related processes” by Prof. Alexandre Heeren (UC Louvain, Belgium).
  • Panel about COVID-19 research (90 minutes): 
  • Esther Greenglass: “Predicting Depression During Pandemic”. 
  • Orna Braun-Lewensohn: How to deliver health messages in the time of COVID-19: Developing culturally sensitive models for health promotion”. 
  • Álvaro Sánchez López: “Psychological resilience during the COVID-19 lockdown“.
  • Kees Blase: “Self-regulation with neuroscientific approach in corona time”. 
  • Robin Goodwin: “Correlates of psychological distress across cultures: the special case of covid-19?”. 
  • Blanca Barcelata Eguiarte: “Psychological responses and factors related to COVID-19 in Mexican adolescents: A preliminary analysis”.
  • Natasa Jokic Begic and Claire Sangster Jokic: “How are we? Life in Croatia in the age of Corona: An omnibus study”. 
  • End of day 1 with a virtual toast!

Day 2: 16.07.2020 (2 pm to approx. 5 p.m. Central European Summer time)

[please write to christian.heckel [at] hs-merseburg.de if you are interested to participate in the online meeting but received no newsletter yet]

  • ​​ Coping with COVID-19: Approaches and interventions for different target groups” (90 minutes):  
  • Kate Moore, Petra Buchwald and Petra Begic: “Coronavirus and social isolation: Attitudes, mood and coping”. 
  • Erica Frydenberg and Rachel Liang: “Coping with COVID-19-lockdown among professionals”.  
  • Stevan Hobfoll: “Managing Stress Associated with the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak”.   
  • Natasa Jokic Begic: “How are you? Academia meets community during the COVID-19 pandemic: The Kakosi-Tool for online counselling and psychoeducation”. 
  • Paulina Arenas: “Best Practices in Mental Health and Suicide Risk interventions during COVID-19: An interprofessional Collaborative Approach”.   
  • Marissa Wu and Erica Frydenberg: “Teaching pre-schoolers coping resilience in Taiwan”.  
  • Public part of the combined meeting (National Representatives meeting and Business meeting; approx. 1 hr).
    1. Changes in STAR Board: New President, new President Elect.
    2. New journal of the STAR Society (J-STAR).
    3. Modernizing the STAR Society (suggestions: new logo, adapted society name; thematic subgroups).
    4. Digitalization of STAR (new infrastructure of website, integration of new journal in website; social media activities; webmaster is needed).
    5. Venues of next STAR conferences including call to host an upcoming conference (Haifa 2021; Mexico City 2022).
    6. Miscellaneous.
  • Confidential part of the combined meeting (National Representatives meeting and Business Meeting; approx. 30 min). To participate in the confidential part of the Business Meeting, current members and National Representatives will get an email with a separate link (please be aware of your mail).
    1. Registering the STAR Society (legal considerations, process, next steps; constitution; change in payment options).
    2. STAR annual financial balance.
    3. Membership issues.
    4. Miscellaneous.

We are aware that the chosen time slots for the online meeting won’t be suitable for every time zone around the globe. However, we chose a time frame, which will range between morning and late evening for most of you. We are sorry if the time slots don’t work for you. Attached you will find an image with the time of different countries to make it easier for everyone to organize our schedules based on Central European Summer time.

Suggestions for our meeting:

  1. Please be sure to have a visible name to recognize you when you try to access the Zoom reunion and during the event.
  2. Please keep your video and audio off, unless you are going to participate.
  3. To participate, please raise your hand using the “reactions” options.
  4. Questions will be answered at the end of each talk, please use the chat to write your questions.

Stay safe!

The Organizing Committee and the STAR Board