STAR Membership and Renewal

Annual membership dues are €75 due on December 31. Annual student membership dues are €40. Non-members may participate in the annual STAR conferences, but members register at a greatly reduced rate. For instance, the registration fee (before March 1st, 2015) for the next conference will be about €220 for members and €320 for non-members. Student member registration for the conference will be €120. Other membership benefits include a  annual subscription to Anxiety, Stress and Coping: An International Journal.

Student members must provide proof of their student status within 7 days of web sign-up. A brief email from a faculty member to STAR Treasurer, Stefanie Morgenroth will serve as proof.

An on-line form for joining STAR or renewing your membership is available here
(transferring to the secure server at Protected.Bizland.Com).

Note: The membership form’s web address https://protected.bizland.com/star-society/membform.html indicates that you are on a secure server. When you leave the membership form (by sending it to STAR), you will be leaving the secure server; thus,  your browser may display an error message saying you are leaving a secure server or that there is a problem with the security of the page. You need not be alarmed by this message. The STAR online-registration form is definitely a SAFE site, as indicated by the https address.

The online form includes all information about paying by credit card, bank transfer or cheque.

For further information do not hesitate to contact the STAR Treasurer at: